Review for Sid Meier’s Civilization 5

First off, this is definitely going to be a review that stresses the word “addicting”. Because this game is VERY addicting.

So, the game starts out with what is a visually stunning intro movie, and that leads us to what looks like… no story mode whatsoever? That’s because this game is one of the very few good games that has you make your own.

Sound: This game has the biggest variety of music that I’ve seen in a game to date. Every single civilization has a different theme to go with them, and that theme has many different tempos as different scenarios occur throughout the game. None of the music is very memorable, but after a while a few tracks might be stuck in your head. Sound: 8.5/10

Presentation: The game provides a very user friendly menu system, and even has an option to let you download various MOD’s made by other players. Hats off to the people who designed that. The game itself is very detailed, with a variety of terrain and buildings to look at. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: There isn’t really much to be said about the gameplay, other than that it’s common RPG styled, and that clicking the “next turn” button even after you’re supposed to be off the computer is inevitable. 10/10

Multiplayer: I haven’t really gotten a chance to play it that much, but overall it’s just not that great. There’s no combat animation, and you don’t have much time to strategically think about your next move. 4/10

Length: This game’s length possibilities are endless. With hundreds of different combinations in the set-up menu, dozens of different characters and victory styles to choose from, and of course the ever-expanding DLC packs for new characters such as Queen Isabella, Babylon and more, this game offers hundreds of hours worth of fun. 10/10

Overall: This game gets an 8.3 average out of 10! A fantastic game!

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