Review of Sonic Free Riders for the Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect: A videogaming frontier of epic proportions. Able to motion track the whole body… while virtually hoverboarding? Yes!

This game review is going to consist mainly of me gushing about how fun it is to virtually hoverboard in the middle of your living-room. And it doesn’t even make you look that weird, jumping up and down and leaning frantically… well, not for the most part, at least.

Sound: The music in this game is… well, unique. It’s catchy, no doubt, but the sounds themselves are… again, unique. Sound: A mixed 6.5/10

Presentation: This will probably sound a lot different from what most reviewers are saying, but I think the menu system in this game is great. Between the voice commands and rotating your arm clockwise, it really does work well once you get into the swing of it. The game visuals are good, but not quite that of Xbox 360 caliber. Presentation: 8.5/10

Gameplay: Fun! Free Riders is fun! It gets you moving, while also giving you that feeling of accomplishment when you kick-dash yourself to the goal. The jumping mechanic CAN be a little twitchy (and extremely frustrating) at times, because it won’t always track your body when you squat down to load up a huge jump. Gameplay: 7.5/10

Multiplayer: Fun!… But not quite as much fun. It works surprisingly well for tracking two bodies at a time, but with two people you feel a bit cramped playing this particular game. And it can look sort of awkward if you’re both hoverboarding side-by-side. Multiplayer: 7/10

Length: The story mode here is pretty good for a racing title, and it keeps you busy for a few hours. I can’t say the game is fantastic when it comes to length, but for the time you DO play it, there’s no feeling of repetition. Length: 8/10

Average score: 7.5/10. A great start for Kinect games, but it could be improved upon.

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