Review of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Xbox 360

For a game that has been so highly anticipated, does it live up to all the hype? No, it doesn’t.

First off, this game doesn’t have much of a story, just that Marvel and Capcom heroes alike will have to rally against the forces of Galactus to save the earth.

Sound: This game has some nice music to it, but nothing too great. The sound effects are satisfactory, though. They keep up with the pace of the game and deliver some pretty intense noises. Sound: 7/10

Presentation: This game does a surprisingly good job at captivating all the intense action there is on screen. It looks clean, crisp, and definitely comic book styled. Not much to be said about the menus, other than that they look nice. Generic, but nice. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is downright amazing. With all sorts of techniques and battle strategies there are to try out, and of course mixing and matching your favorite trio of characters, this game delivers a solid dose of action. Gameplay: 9.5/10
Multiplayer: This game fails completely at giving a fun multiplayer experience. Waiting in a lobby for countless minutes, then eventually getting around to playing the match against an unfairly difficult opponent is absolutely frustrating. I really wish they had put multiple lobbies into the game, and of course something to separate people using the “Simple Mode” controls from the people using the standard controls. Seriously, it’s just unevenly matched otherwise. Of course, there’s always the offline multiplayer which does provide some real fun, but the online feature is just too much of a drawback to make this part of the game enjoyable. Multiplayer: 3/10

Length: This is where the game downright disappoints me. For single player, it has two real modes: Arcade and mission mode. That’s it. And if you get sick of those modes fast, like I did, then you’re in some serious trouble. This game gives you the absolute minimum in game features. 1.5/10

Overall, this game scores an average of 6/10. Not quite a good game, but more of a mediocre experience. The core gameplay is fun, but the lack of content and material is just disgraceful. This game would be a blast just to rent, but definitely not worth $60.

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