Review of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for Wii

This game is unique, in that I don’t like it nor dislike it. Why don’t I have a solid opinion of it, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Sound: The music is fantastic, and at the same time catchy. It’s intense enough to fit the tempo of the game, but well-paced. Sound: 8/10

Presentation: This is where the mixed feelings start. The visuals are fluid, but they’re just not quite up to Wii caliber. Presentation: 7/10

Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics, controls and styles are extremely fun, although don’t choose the Wiimote vertically as your control style, it’s downright terrible. Otherwise, this game has responsive, solid controls. The actual game mechanics are fun as well, especially with the two new gravity powers. For some reason, though, I feel empty when I finish a race. I just think it’s missing a certain finesse that the original “Sonic Riders” had. Gameplay: 7/10

Multiplayer: Same exact thing as singleplayer, with the only exception being that it’s a little more fun to race your friends than a computer. So I felt a little less empty inside when I won a race. Multiplayer: 7.5/10

Length: The game has two rather short story modes, an abundance of skill-testing missions, and of course the freeplay mode. It’s a good 10 hours or so of fun before things start feeling repetitive. Length: 7.5/10

Overall: A 7.4/10. It’s a good game, no doubt about it, but the racing itself just feels incomplete.

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