Review of Sonic Rush for Nintendo DS

This’ll be a review of Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS.

Story: A big jumble of time paradoxes, teleportation, and enormously powerful emeralds. But a rough summary is that Sonic is off to fight Dr. Eggman, and in the nega-universe Blaze is off to fight Eggman-Nega. Along the way Sonic and Blaze cross paths and eventually team up to defeat the Eggmans before both universes are destroyed.

Presenation: A good-looking Nintendo DS game, which keeps up with Sonic and Blaze just fine. One particular thing I really like is how well Blaze’s fire is captured on-screen. Presentation: 9/10

Sound: Fantastic music. The soundtrack is catchy and fitting for every zone/scenario you end up in throughout the game. Sound: 8.5/10

Gameplay: The gameplay and controls are great. Both playable characters (Sonic and Blaze) are similar enough that if you’re good with one you’ll be good with the other, but different enough that both gameplay experiences feel unique. For example, Blaze can survive underwater a lot longer than Sonic, but Sonic is a little faster than Blaze. Gameplay: 9/10

Multiplayer: It’s okay, but not anything too special. You just race to the end of the stage against your opponent. Multiplayer: 6/10

Length: With two different story modes, the challenge of collecting all the emeralds, and the final boss battle once all of the latter are completed, this game offers a lot of content for a Nintendo DS game. Length: 9.5/10

Overall: This game gets an 8.4/10. A fun and lengthy adventure that’s a blast for any Nintendo DS owner.

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