Review of Wii Play by Nintendo

This’ll be a review of “Wii Play” by Nintendo. Let me start by mentioning that when you get the game brand new it does include a Wii remote, so that will be an important factor in my final average score for this game. Now, onwards with the review!

Sound: Not much here in the way of music, just a few jaunty tracks while you play the mini-games. Sound: 6/10

Presentation: It’s a good looking game for the Wii. It doesn’t try and overdo the Wii’s graphic capabilities, and it makes everything bright and colorful. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: This game has a few extremely fun minigames, and then some… well, not extremely fun minigames. The tank, cow racing and shooting range mini-games are in the extremely fun/addicting category, and then there are the pool, laser-air hockey and mii-bubble matching mini-games which are in the boring/frustrating as heck category (there are also a few other minigames I neglected to mention). The good minigames have responsive controls, captivating gameplay, and overall fun objectives. The bad minigames have twitchy controls, boring objectives, and dull gameplay. The good minigames are so much fun, though, that they outweigh all of the bad ones. Gameplay: 9/10

Multiplayer: An extremely fun experience. Same as the single player, only with more people and more fun. My friends and I were playing for hours at a time with this game, having a total blast. Multiplayer: 10/10

Length: On top of the extremely fun yet simple gameplay itself that kept me entertained for countless hours, this game includes a Wii remote (if you buy it brand new), so that provides unlimited play-time. Length: 10/10

Overall: This game gets an average of 8.8/10! Something any Wii owner should pick up. Not just for the extra controller, but because the game itself is loads of fun.

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