Review of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for Wii

I may be a couple of years late to do this review, but better late than never. Read on to find out what my opinions are on the first Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Sound: Good music, but nothing too ear-catching. Sound: 7/10

Presentation: A slick Wii game, with Mario and Sonic looking their best in every competition. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: A mixed bag. Some of the events are an absolute blast to play, these including fencing, dream events, track and gymnastics. Then there are the painfully bad games, those including archery, table tennis and aquatics. When it comes down to it, the majority of games are enjoyable to play, but the few that are irritating sport twitchy and unresponsive controls, and just too many intricacies on the Wii Remote’s part to qualify as fun party games. Gameplay: 7/10

Multiplayer: Even the bad events get a spark of fun in multiplayer, with every game being a blast when with a friend to compete against. Multiplayer: 8.5/10

Length: A lot of different events, minigames, objectives and a large playable character roster make this a lengthy party game with a plethora of unlockables. Length: 8/10

Overall: This Olympic game gets 7.9 Mega Mushrooms out of 10, being a mildy entertaining party game that could be a lot better, but is good for a few hours of casual fun with friends.

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