Review of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters for Xbox 360

Will Green Lantern follow the trend of other terrible movie tie-in games, or will it pleasantly surprise us all? Read on to find out!

The Manhunters are back, and they’re seeking revenge on Green Lantern Corps. It’s up to you, Hal Jordan, to stop them at any and all costs.

Sound: Pretty good music. The developers didn’t have much time to compose music because the game was announced on such short notice, but for a rushed product the music fares pretty well. Sound: 7/10

Presentation: The game has had a lot of hype over the “3D” aspect, but does it really provide the whole three dimensions? Well, not entirely. For those of you without a 3D TV (including myself) the glasses they include don’t quite make things pop out at you like you’d expect, but instead they greatly increase the depth of the environments you play in. I personally like this a lot more than an average 3D experience, because it gives explosions and characters zooming in and out of the screen an extremely realistic feel. My only gripe is that for the glasses to work, you need to be in complete darkness for the effect to really kick-in. Even without the whole 3D thing, the game sports surprisingly impressive graphics that really show off the Xbox 360’s capabilities. Presentation: 10/10

Gameplay: Green Lantern does something a lot of other movie games haven’t done. It plays it safe. By that I mean that the goals are always simple and the game is pretty linear. If there’s a puzzle, the answer will be on the platform you’re immediately standing on. The combat is exceptionally fun and relatively simple, my only complaint being that there aren’t many constructs to be made out of your Green Lantern ring which takes away from the endless variety the game could have offered. Also, the flying sections play a big part in the game and are pulled off very well. The targeting system is a little loose, but that doesn’t really affect the overall fun of blasting baddies in mid-air. Now, although all of that stuff is standard beat ’em up fare, there is one major issue with the game. The issue is that this game is impossible to complete in single player mode! It is exponentially more difficult with only one player, and to the best of my knowledge, truly unbeatable without a friend. With that said, you can enjoy about the first half of the game solo before it becomes unplayable. Gameplay: 1/10

Multiplayer: A great multiplayer experience, mainly because it’s impossible to shove your friend off-screen due to the linear design of the game. But more importantly, it’s the only way to beat the game! With a friend this game is a fun, bash ’em smash ’em piece of cake. Multiplayer: 10/10

Length: A relatively short game, lasting only a few hours. But for a fan of the Green Lantern, or someone just playing for the sake of playing (like myself) it’s long enough that you’ll feel satisfied and up to your quota of bad-guy busting by the end. Length: 8/10

Overall: This game gets a 7.2/10! The Green Lantern is a fun beat ’em up in Multiplayer that is sure to entertain as a rental, but is downright flawed beyond repair in singleplayer.

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