Review of Bionicle Heroes for Nintendo DS

My review of Bionicle Heroes for Nintendo DS. Enjoy!

Story: The toa Inika must put a stop to the evil Piraka’s plan to take over the island of Voya Nui at all costs. The fate of the Bionicle universe is in your hands!

Sound: A surprisingly epic Bionicle soundtrack, with intense level music that makes you feel like you really are saving a universe. Sound: 10/10

Presentation: Not the prettiest graphics for the Nintendo DS, but they do the job. Presentation: 7/10

Gameplay: With loads of different characters, masks, power-ups and more to unlock, the game keeps it interesting and delivers an exceptionally fun first-person shooter. The game isn’t difficult at all, meaning that if you keep firing your weapon non-stop the game will pretty much do the rest. Overall, for a blast ’em up this game still provides a really fun experience. Gameplay: 8.5/10

Multiplayer: The only mode where you get a chance to play as the menacing Piraka, which is loads of fun on top of blasting your friend. Multiplayer: 8/10

Length: A short game that lasts for about four hours, tops. Length: 7/10

Overall: Bionicle Heroes gets an 8.1/10! A great Nintendo DS game that’s fun for everyone.

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