Review of Spiderman: Edge of Time for Xbox 360

Spiderman games have a reputation (at least with me) for being pretty freakin’ bad, so does Edge of Time break the trend? Read on to find out!

Story: Amazing Spiderman dies in the present which results in a world-make over from some mad scientist supervillian, and so 2099 Spiderman attempts to go back and save Amazing before all is lost. Now, this sounds simple, but there are so many paradoxes in this story I just can’t manage to type them here without getting a headache.

Sound: The basic Marvel-based soundtrack. Fast-paced, gripping orchestrated music that makes every moment feel like it’ll be the last. The voice-acting is superb as well, with both Spidermen’s voice actors doing a great job at giving off the snarky immature superhero impression. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: If there was one thing I could give Shattered Dimensions (this game’s predecessor), it was the amazing art style and graphics. In Edge of Time, the graphics are still great and definitely current-generation, but the unique and comic book-esque art style is gone. All of the inky outlines for character models are no more, and sort of take away from the whole Marvel comic feel. But on the bright side, this is the first game I’ve played in a long time to actually have realistic and fluid character models that don’t look stiff and jerky. Presentation: 8.5/10

Gameplay: In Shattered Dimensions, you had four different Spidermen. Two of which I classified as completely useless. Apparently Beenox (the game’s developer) listened to my advice, and dropped the two pointless Spidermen, leaving me with my personal favorite, 2099, and of course the Amazing Spiderman. 2099 retains his fun and fast paced skydiving scenes, and has a few new moves up his sleeve since the last game, the best among those being the ability to leave a holographic decoy of himself for enemies to attack while he goes in for the kill. Amazing has some new additions as well, my personal favorite being this really cool boost ability which slows everything down to a crawl and allows Spiderman to run through lasers. Through them. So overall, the combat and characters themselves are surprisingly fun. My main problems are with the platforming and boss fights, though. Platforming-wise, yes, it is foot-loose and fancy-free like a half spider/human should be, but it feels clunky and slippery at the same time, a deadly combo which should never exist in a video game (especially compared to how well Shattered Dimensions’ platforming felt). Navigating tight spaces while web-swinging is positively heart-attack inducing, due to the fact you never know if the game with let you pull of the move you want to or not. And on the matter of boss fights, the difficulty balancing is terrible. Here’s an example. Half-way through the game I encounter a boss, and he is hard as a rock. I spend about twenty minutes trying to deplete a third of his health without dying. Then, in about the final quarter of the game, I encounter a long-anticipated boss fight. I beat it in under two minutes, literally. Those are my two major gripes, but there was one smaller issue I encountered and that is during the beginning of one boss fight, the boss never appeared. Considering that was only one glitch though, I won’t count it as a major down. So in conclusion, yes the gameplay has its flaws, but there are more than enough pros to way out the cons. Gameplay: 8.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: This game is short. Seriously, one time as I was loading up the game it said my story completion was 50%, and considering I’d only been playing for about an hour and a half at that point I was a little worried. By the end of the game, it should take you no more than five hours to have finished. Now, if this game provided quality gameplay for every second I had the game disc going (like Vanquish), I might be a little more lenient here. But no, I can honestly say I found only about three solid hours of game here. The rest is obvious filler the developer put in to stretch the game’s length. Crawling through vents for minutes at a time becomes a constant annoyance, and one that shouldn’t be in a game this short to begin with. Length: 3/10

Overall: Edge of Time manages a just above average score, getting a 7.3/10. Although I found this to be the most enjoyable Spiderman game yet, I do not recommend you buy it due to the fact you’ll finish it in a matter of days after you buy it, assuming you play in small intervals. Instead, I recommend you go out and rent this web-slinging adventure, as it’s a pretty fun time killer while it lasts.

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