Review of X-Men: Destiny for Xbox 360

Do super mutants make a super game? Read on to find out!

Story: The story is pretty generic. You, anonymous mutant must fight bad guys for no reason while meeting X-Men and people of the Brotherhood, all climaxing in a gigantic fight with some cool super-villain cameo that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I can honestly say this is the first game I’ve ever played where I couldn’t even follow the story because of how poorly it was presented.

Sound: The voice acting is mediocre, at best. Other than that, nothing really resonated with my earbuds. In fact, the sound is so bland I just opted to turn off my TV’s audio altogether and just turn subtitles on. Sound: 1/10

Presentation: These graphics might’ve flew back when the Gamecube was considered groundbreaking, but in the 360’s generation? I don’t think so! Aside from quirky character models, stiff animations and overall poor graphical quality, lag is largely present in any major moment of the game. Even worse, camera angles are jumpy and refuse to stay where you want them. In the game’s defense, there are barely any visible load times. Presentation: 4.5/10

Gameplay: The game does some pretty interesting stuff when it comes to style. It fuses the ability to choose your side, abilities, suit, character, powers and interactions with other characters in-game all into one nice and neat package. The problem with this is that the only real variation comes with the different powers and suits. No matter how you interact with characters, you’ll still end up sticking with the same storyline and things don’t really evolve based on what you pick. The different powers though are extremely fun and diverse, offering lots of cool upgrades and abilities to keep the gameplay fresh though. But with all of this diversity, the game ends up being the most linear games I’ve played since Green Lantern, having you follow a single-file path the entire time you play. Regardless, for a mindless beat-’em-up with lots of flashy combos it’s pretty freakin’ fun. Gameplay: 7.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: This game kept me busy for an astonishing… drum roll please… four hours! *Trumpets go sour* That’s right, four pathetic hours for an entire runthrough of the campaign. Sure, you can replay it and choose the other side of the story, but all that would be is playing the exact same thing over and choosing a single different option near the end. In terms of length, I’m pretty disappointed. Length: 2/10

Overall: The X-Men get a 3.8/10 in their latest outing. Although this game has far too many flaws and is way too short to ever be considered a purchase, I still recommend you go out and rent it for a weekend, as it does provide a little fun while it lasts (not to mention a ton of easy achievement points).

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