Sonic CD Tip Guide

This is gonna be a tip guide (as if you didn’t know already) for Sonic CD on Xbox Live Arcade!

Achievement Tip: To get the “Statue Saviour” and “Ring King” achievements, follow these steps. In Wacky Workbench, make your way across the first set of platforms. Then, when you come to the freeze jet, continue forward just a little bit until you come to a slope. Slowly go down that slope, then hop up it. If you do it just right, you’ll fall into a secret room that has the statue. That’s the “Statue Saviour” achievement. Once the statue is done spewing rings, hop out and then hop right back in. The statue will continuously spew rings however many times you do this. Once you reach the 200 ring mark, bam! The “Ring King” achievement is yours as well.

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