Review of Generator Rex: Agent of Providence for Xbox 360

I’ve seen the cartoon. It’s cool. I’ve played the game. It’s a cash-in.

Story: The world has been infected with nanites, and a free-spirited teenager named Rex gets the ability to turn his limbs into various robotic weapons. He works for an agency called Providence which tries to clean up various EVO (bad nanite-infected creatures) messes. The game has you play through quite a few of the episodes in the series.

Sound: Music is pretty true to the cartoon. Rock n’ roll to match the evo bashing action. The voice actors from the cartoon are present as well, making the game feel authentic. Also, the dialogue for Rex is a pretty snarky teen and I’m really glad the developers captured that in his dialogue. At one point a Providence Soldier says “Quiet, I’m checking my emails” and Rex replies with “They pay you for that?!”. So funny. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: You can tell this game was meant for the Wii. Although the graphics are distinguishable, not much has changed other than a little more detail and slightly crisper visuals on the 360. Also, no camera angle control (which leads to some sticky situations). The only good excuse I can find for that is that the developers were to lazy and just wanted to make a cheap buck. Lastly, there was one particular level which lagged tremendously and cheated me out of an achievement, the only level to do either of those things. I’ll leave you to make sense of that last part. Presentation: 5.5/10

Gameplay: Rex is a kid who can make any sharp or blunt object he wants out of his hands, so you’d expect some crazy gameplay, right? Well, unlike Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, this game leaves you feeling only slightly powerful due to the basic controls, limited weapons and zoomed out camera angles. The camera angles make you look like a tiny flea kicking around other fleas, there’s only about seven weapons throughout the entire game, and you only have basic and heavy attacks. With all of the complaints aside, for a TV cash-in beat ’em up game, there is some really fun beat ’em up action to be had. Bashing buttons and beating up creepy EVO things is awesome, and slashing them in half by the hundreds is exactly what I want a linear brawler like this one to be. The game has upgrades which give you an edge, up until the final level. The game is pretty easy up until the final level, which is stupidly challenging. Normally I don’t complain about difficulty, but I don’t like spikes as steep as this one. All things considered, aside from the linear nature, lack of variety and difficulty spike in Generator Rex, it’s still a pretty intense button masher that lets you pummel hundreds of baddies with style. Gameplay: 8/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: You play through the four hour campaign, but that’s it aside from the Agent Six time trials (which aren’t even worth doing, considering they are just the same levels with a time limit) and searching around for the entire three collectables this game has. Length: 5/10

Overall: Generator Rex gets a 6.9/10! Although the game is short and generic, I do recommend you rent it (fan of the series or otherwise) just for the fun, action-packed four hours it lasts.

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