Review of Sonic Colors for Nintendo DS

Although it isn’t the newest game, I thought it was one worth checking out. So is this older title a gem that sparkles even now, or is it just another missed opportunity of a Sonic game? Read on to find out!

Sound: Well, similar to the Wii version, this game sports an amazing soundtrack that is as amusement park-esque as it gets. Aside from that, the DS version even has a sound test menu for listening to specific songs, not to mention an amazing and DS exclusive “Reach for the Stars” 8-bit (or 16-bit?) remix. Sound: 9.5/10

Presentation: Same exact graphical style of the Sonic Rush games with almost no visual variation except for when wisp powerups are active. One thing I particularly liked about this version though is that there are loads of stage specific gimmicks that just look right in place with the level and really add on to the theme of that location, which is a nice touch that the Wii version could’ve used a little more of. Presentation: 8.5/10

Gameplay: Again, Sonic Rush rehash. The wisps are fun powerups that make gameplay feel slightly varied, whether it be cyan laser bouncing off walls of red burst popping all over the screen (red burst and violet void being DS exclusive might I add) but other than that it’s the basic boost to the goal gameplay that Rush had. With that said, if you liked the Rush series this will be right up your alley, even with the somewhat gimmick-y feeling wisps. I guess the reason the wisp powerups just don’t feel good in this version is because the controls are slippery and the wisps just don’t feel very powerful. One last thing to mention is that I especially like the DS exclusive bonus at the end (I won’t spoil it) and I really wish the Wii version had had something like it. Gameplay: 7/10

Multiplayer: A really fun versus mode, quite a bit thicker in content than Generations for the 3DS. A lot of tracks and modes are sure to keep you and a friend busy for quite a while. And you can even play against a computer! Multiplayer: 8.5/10

Length: I completely wrecked this game in under two hours, no joke. But after blazing through the story, there’s also the red rings which are given almost no incentive to get in the DS version. So yeah, other than the addicting gameplay factor this game should be done within the time it takes to watch a standard-length movie. Length: 3.5/10

Overall: Sonic Colors DS gets 7.4 golden rings out of 10, being a nice handheld addition but still lacking in both content and gameplay in comparison to it’s console big brother. I suggest you get both if you can though, because they both have their unique and enjoyable quirks.

4 thoughts on “Review of Sonic Colors for Nintendo DS”

    1. I think Sonic games have always been quality (the exception being Sonic 06) I just don’t think the design choices were always that great.

        1. I wrote a rage-I mean review of the game on this very blog (so check it out! Shameless plug haha). But yes it is a travesty beyond compare in the gaming world.

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