Review of Rayman Origins for Xbox 360

Before those creepy rabbids stole the spotlight, what were Rayman games all about? Read on to find out!

Sound: The music for this game is as diverse and cartoony as it gets. Twangs of fiddles and even the occasional banjo are seemlessly intertwined with mariachi bands and even solos from the electoons and Rayman himself. It’s the ideal music for what I think classic video games were all about, and is a welcome change of pace from all of that orchestrated nonsense. Sound: 10/10

Presentation: Realistic graphics? Nope. Crazy cartoonish insanely twisted disturbingly creative comic-esque? YES! Rayman Origins sports what is the most original and creative visual style that I can remember. It’s as cartoony as it gets, with the colorful and expressive visuals just popping out at you in HD. Presentation: 10/10

Gameplay: It’s flying. It’s hopping. It’s running. It’s Super Mario times a million! There’s hovering, diving, and everything that you need for a great 2D platformer. With that said, all of these creative elements don’t detract from the basic fact: You need to be skilled, quick and GREAT at platformers to handle this game. All those other elements only add to the already fun and basic experience Rayman delivers, being a deceptively difficult and uniquely crafted adventure that showcases what platforming is all about. That includes the enraging challenge levels, the wickedly tricky bosses, and the overall challenging yet rewarding style of the game. The game takes a few tips from current day though, giving you unlimited lives and a fairly generous (for the first half of the game, at least) checkpoint system. I like it, because it makes things extremely challenging but not unfair and/or cheap. My only gripe whatsoever with this game’s gameplay is that you can tell the developers crafted this adventure for two players, not one. Riding solo adds a challenge veteran gamers will love, but having two people exponentially eases the struggle of getting through levels. Gameplay: 9.5/10

Multiplayer: Four player co-op? Yes please! I found four people was a bit much, but the two player sweet spot was where this game rides high. Single player is a blast, but two Raymans is equal to, if not better than one. Multiplayer: 9/10

Length: What I was expecting and what I got were two extremely different things, leaving me pleasantly surprised. Rayman Origins sports loads of levels and lots of different locales, offering hours of fun just for the main adventure. With six different goals to reach throughout every single level, completionists will have their hands full for far longer than I’ll ever be willing to put into a game. My only gripe with the length is that some of it is gained by the game forcing you to compulsively collect “electoons” (the rewards for meeting certain conditions in a level) so much that the replaying of levels can become slightly tedious. Length: 9/10

Overall: Rayman Origins gets 9.5 electoons out of 10. This game was a blast. Rich with content, extremely challenging, and overall a fun platformer that puts some of Mario’s best outings to shame. I recommend you pick up Rayman Origins no matter who you are, because this game is great for any gamer.

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