Review of Blur for Xbox 360

Do Tron, Mario Kart and Need for Speed fit well together? Or is this one game that should be “blurred” by on the game shelf? Read on to find out!

Sound: This racing game has a fairly poor soundtrack, with cool sound effects but very rarely other than a handful of techno tracks did I actually hear music. Sound: 4/10

Presentation: If you thought Driver San Francisco had great graphics, these are king of the hill in terms of racing games I’ve seen. Really, on top of the constantly streaming neon colors the race tracks and environments are outright superb, being some of the most realistic visuals I’ve ever seen. Presentation: 10/10

Gameplay: For the most part, Blur gets it right. It’s got tight controls, lots of different cars and tracks, and overall most of the components for a good racing game. Power-ups are the main focus in this game, taking a great racing experience and turning it outright bonkers. AI competition isn’t the greatest though, so it’s rare you’ll ever be in a tight enough situation to need the large plethora of power-ups. With the fun racing comes a handful of problems though. Control-wise, the drift mechanic is pretty bad causing you to constantly bash into walls, and it never feels precise (almost too “drift”y). The other issue that I have with this game is the one particularly annoying mode in the career where it has you racing through checkpoints. That mode is the bane of my existance, being an enragingly time-sensitive mode that requires as much luck as skill on some of the tighter courses. But other than those two things, the gameplay is amazing and provides just enough of a twist for this modern day racer to stand out. Gameplay: 8/10

Multiplayer: While local multiplayer gives no rear view mirror and no level up system (which makes it sort of a drag), online multiplayer provides a gigantic level up system, a full screen to maneuver on, and little lag. Giant races against people via the internet is an addicting feature which adds hours to the game’s shelf life. Multiplayer: 8/10

Length: The game has a beefy career mode that unlocks new stages after replaying levels enough in old ones, but being a racer the replaying never gets boring. Online adds quite a few hours to the game as well, having many modes to keep you entertained for hours with. The big thing with this game though are the unlockables. There are stickers, achievements, new cars, mods and more things that playing and replaying will unlock which provides loads of insentive for collectors and average gamers. Length: 8.5/10

Overall: Blur gets a 7.7/10! A great racing adventure that is one of the best, in my opinion. It’s unique, action-packed and an overall blast.

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