Review of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for Nintendo 3DS

That is a long title. But does this game live up to that long title, being a Mario and Sonic outing of olympic proportions, or is it not even worthy of a bronze medal? Read on to find out!

Sound: The music in this game is sort of lacking, and the most overused song is the main theme. Not much to say for voice acting, because characters only make a few grunts throughout an entire event. One thing I think belongs in the sound category, is that during one of the events you’re required to yell into the 3DS. And you feel like a complete idiot while doing it. Sound: 4.5/10

Presentation: The visuals aren’t as pixelly as I expected, actually being mistakable for the Wii’s M&S graphics. I’m not sure if that’s dissing the Wii but it’s definitely complimenting the 3DS. The 3D of the 3DS works really well in this game, the best event for it being trampoline where your character hurls towards you through the screen. I think the story mode is part of the game’s presentation as well, so I’m going to mention this game has a pretty well presented story mode that doesn’t feel like a cheap toss-in but more of a giant cutscene related movie with a few events thrown in. And there are actual cutscenes, not that two characters and a speech box $&%# from Sonic Generations for the 3DS. Presentation: 8.5/10

Gameplay: Throughout all of the events, the gameplay is extremely diverse. Almost too diverse, because simple games like badminton are played one way, but ping pong is played a completely different way! Speed running involves the stylus, but the next running event involves five different buttons! It’s just a hassle to constantly retrain yourself for a single event. Even worse, some of the controls for these games are just awkward. Other than the already mentioned weightlifting game (where you yell into the 3DS) I actually found most of the motion-controlled, microphone enabled events to be really fun and my main issues were with the button-using events. Some of them are just horrible or require you to button mash like your life depended on it. With all of those complaints out of the way, there are over fifty events so if you really dislike a few there are always other options, and of course medley mode where you can pit all of your favorite events in a string (although after making one you can’t edit it at all… strange), but my issue with all of these events is that none of them are truly addicting! I couldn’t find a single one that caught my interest for more than thirty minutes, and the fact that you can’t even choose from more than four characters per event doesn’t help. Gameplay: 5/10

Mutliplayer: No online?! That sets this game back ages in my book. Local multiplayer and download play is cool, but not enough to even consider this game for its multiplayer. Multiplayer: 5.5/10

Length: With over fifty five events, a lengthy story mode (mainly because of the cutscenes) and medley match options, this game can easily keep you busy for six to seven hours. But after that, the game solely relies on the hope that you’ll find some of the events addicting and come back to play more. Sadly, that just doesn’t work for this game. Length: 6.5/10

Overall: Mario and Sonic’s first Olympic 3DS outing gets a 6/10. An okay collection of minigames, but not enough to warrant a full $40 price tag.

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