Review of SSX for Xbox 360

Extreme snowboarding? Check. Over the top stunts and insane air? Check. A fun game worthy of $60? Read on to find out!

Sound: The soundtrack for this game is radical. It has everything from Skrillex to Foster the People, and has tunes to suit anyone. What makes it better is that all of the songs really fit the extreme snowboarding vibe, thus really adding to the experience. Sound: 9.5/10

Presentation: The graphics aren’t as amazing as I expected, but are breathtaking none the less. Seeing a neon-suited snowboarder grinding down the Great Wall while avoiding crashed airplane parts is pretty awesome, to say the least. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: The fundamental gameplay is a blast, if not a little on the simple side. It’s easy to play, unimaginably hard to master. Knowing how many tricks to pull off before a landing, having the perfect carve onto a grinding rail and boosting at just the right time are all part of the extremely fun and satisfying gameplay. Controls are a little on the slippery/loose side, but it’s snowboarding so that’s to be expected. Courses take advantage of the addictive gameplay by using every twist and turn as a chance to gain mad style points and build up speed quickly. Courses start off easy as fun free rides, but no course in the game is truly easy. And this is where the problems begin. In World Tour Mode (the main campaign of the game), there are certain gimmicks for every Deadly Descent that really detract from the overall fun of the game. The low oxygen one has you awkwardly pressing a button amidst all of the action to give air to your character, and the darkness one pretty much ruined the game for me. With that said, I never managed to beat the darkness level (the 8th Deadly Descent) so I never truly beat World Tour Mode. Some of the gimmicks were fun, like the gliding and ridiculous amount of hazards, but some of them just made the already jaw-breakingly difficult courses too unpredictable and too much to bare. Gameplay: 8.5/10

Multiplayer: Sort of lacking, in my opinion. There are ghost records and time events to compete with friends, but no actual live online racing or splitscreen multiplayer. Record challenges are fun and all, but do NOT justify EA’s online pass system. Multiplayer: 5.5/10

Length: It all depends on how compulsive you are. If you just want to beat World Tour and a few online records, ten hours is to be expected. If you downright love the game and want to play every World Tour level over and over to get a gold medal, complete all of the ridiculous challenge maps and beat every online record that there is, this game might just be endless. Length: 8/10

Overall: Although near the end of the campaign I rage quit (because this game is insanely hard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), I still give it an 8.1/10 just for the fun factor and awesome music. It’ll put any gamer to the test.

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