Review of Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360

This is probably the first Xbox exclusive title I really liked.

Sound: The game has one or two menu themes, and that’s it. Sound effects are cool but nothing is really interesting or something you wouldn’t expect from a racing game. Sound: 4/10

Presentation: The graphics for Forza 4 feel arcade-style, for some reason. They are polished and slick, but don’t feel anywhere near Blur or Driver: San Francisco. Presentation: 7/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is so extremely simple, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. No over the top gimmicks, no fancy add-ons, just pure racing at its finest. Hundreds of different cars and loads of different tracks keep gameplay interesting, even with such a plain premise. That’s another aspect of Forza 4 that makes it feel arcade-y. The gameplay is incredibly addictive and always a fun time, if a little on the easier side. That’s my only minor complaint with the gameplay, that the AI competitors aren’t that much of a challenge.  Gameplay: 9/10

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is sort of weak in this game. It took me at least twenty minutes to find a single match to play in, and when I did there was a little lag and the people I was challenging destroyed me. So noobs beware: There is no mercy on the track. Aside from the pure racing though, you can make car clubs and swap cars between friends which is pretty darn cool. Local splitscreen is fun too, but not enough to salvage the poor Xbox Live experience. Multiplayer: 3/10

Length: The career mode is fairly long, there are loads of challenges, multiple freeplay modes and the online isn’t downright horrible, so the amount of content this game has to offer is pretty good for price. Length: 9/10

Overall: Forza 4 might not be the strongest online or in terms of a soundtrack, but its surprisingly large array of content and extremely fun yet simple gameplay grant it a 6.4/10. If you want a fun single player racing game without any silly gimmicks, this is a must buy.

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