Review of “The Avengers”

This movie was awesome, hands down. It was explosive, had Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), action-packed, had Thor (Chris Hemsworth), was intense, and did I mention the mothertrucking Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)? THE HULK WAS A BOSS!

The plot of the movie is perfect. Cliche` bad guy (Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston) captures cliche` all powerful cube of destruction, so cliche` heroes must band together to fight an epic battle against space aliens. Done before? Yes. Done to this epic of a magnitude? NO! The CGI is on par with what we’ve been seeing from Transformers, and the plot fits snuggly into the Marvel universe. It’s almost the Alan Wake’s American Nightmare of plots, being a continuation that involves all the main characters, but not being a direct sequel to any individual’s plotline. Even better, it brings in some of the side characters from each hero’s own stories (ex. Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow) which really solidifies the connectivity of the different universes.

The acting is a bit of a mixed bag. All characters did amazingly, but a few characters felt lacking in what I’d expected of them. Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t quite top his Iron Man 2 performance, mainly because this movie puts him in a position where he can’t play his normal “billionare playboy philanthropist” self which makes the lines seem a little on the forced side. On a good note, Chris Evans ups his acting from Captain America considerably, capturing the leader role far better this time around.

Sh*t goes down in the Avengers!

Overall, this movie isn’t the dark and grungy film Transformers: DOTM was. It wasn’t the award winning Dark Knight. It was an amazing coalition of superheroes and a giant fan-service package to Marvel lovers. It felt almost like the first time Superman was put on the silverscreen, being awesome in a unique way no other movie can touch. It’s a memorable milestone in Marvel’s history and should be seen by everyone who’s ever liked superheroes.

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