Skyrim Tip Guide (Xbox 360)

I don’t really do tip guides for games I haven’t officially reviewed yet, but for Skyrim I’ll make an exception.

Glitch Tip/Fix: Throughout my Skyrim adventures, I cleared out many a cavern. The issue was, later in the game I came across quests that required me to go to those same caverns and kill the enemies that weren’t there anymore. The only solution I know of is to do this: Get out of that location (fast travel to a city or whatever) and then wait thirty days. Return and some of the enemies should have respawned so you can continue the quest. I found this especially helpful in Gragslane Cavern.

Time Waiting Speed-up Tip: As mentioned above, the time it takes for you to wait in-game time takes a lot of real world time. So to speed the process up, select how much time you want to wait, then press accept. Immediately after pressing accept, click the center “XBOX” button on your controller. This will speed up the waiting animations exponentially.

This will no doubt be the first of many Skyrim tip guides, and I hoped these first few tips help.

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