Review of Unit 13 for PS Vita

Is the first tactical third person shooter for the Vita any good, or will the trend of poor handheld shooters remain victorious? Read on to find out!

Sound: The voice acting is minimal. The sound effects are minimal. The music is… lacking, in both consistency and intensity. All of the sounds in Unit 13 might as well be a giant mute button. Sound: 2.5/10

Presentation: The graphics are pretty underwhelming, nearing original PSP quality at best. The menu system is functional, but the entire presentation just feels like a graphical pre-alpha build of a game, not the finished release title. Presentation: 3/10

Gameplay: It’s a tame third person shooter, complete with cover mechanics and… that’s it. Guns, a few minor touchscreen interactions and tactical shooting from behind cover. While the basic formula does work, most developers by now recognize that a unique gimmick is needed to make a game fun, and Unit 13 suffers from a severe case of boringness. In the rare instances where the game isn’t boring, it’s annoying due to stupid mission varieties. There are the traditional shoot everything missions, but then the game tries to copy its simplistic system into a Metal Gear Solid type stealth game or a timed race-against-the-clock affair that ends up being only a test in patience, not a fun and challenging experience. That brings me to my final gripe about Unit 13, the lack of checkpoints. I’d be fine and dandy if the game was hard and checkpoints were plentiful, but in a game like this where enemies respawn from undiscovered areas and you die constantly, replaying five minute long segments of levels isn’t fun. It just isn’t. Gameplay: 3/10

Multiplayer: Multiplayer sucks, to be honest. When the co-op actually manages to hold a connection it’s fun, but the netcode is so horrible that I was rarely able to play more than five minutes at a time online without lag or some other roadblock. Worse yet, no competitive multiplayer? We payed for a brand new copy of the game to get the online pass code just for some weak co-op campaign action? Multiplayer: 1/10

Length: Probably the only bright side of Unit 13 is the good amount of content included. With thirty six single player missions and the co-op campaign, daily challenges and elite target levels, there is a substantial amount of playtime to be had. Length: 7/10

Overall: Unit 13 gets  a 3.3/10. Initially it doesn’t suck, but within the first few missions the game starts a downwards spiral into utter frustration.

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