Who is Superior: Bat or Spider?

I’ve decided to do a quick analysis on whether The Dark Knight Rises or The Amazing Spider-Man will go down in history as my favorite superhero movie of all-time, and here are my thoughts: Batman has got the atmosphere down perfectly. It’s murky, depressing, intense (when it wants to be) and overall gripping. Spider-Man on the other hand upholds a more friendly setting that has its dark moments but never stays too long in the shadows.

As I’ve stated before in my review, for what The Amazing Spider-Man was as a Marvel comic book character movie, it was extremely mature and well done. The acting was perfect and the movie itself was spot-on, something that can’t be said for the Sam Raimi films. On the other hand, the Nolan Batman trilogy creates the darkest possible Gotham in history and stays true to “The DARK Knight”. It nails its target, but unlike Spider-Man these movies don’t feel like they could ever intertwine with other DC superhero stories. Spider-Man was loose enough that he might one day be able to join the Avengers in a sequel, but tight enough to maintain its own integrity. Batman is just such a secluded and evil universe that I don’t see how other DC heroes could ever rally together with this guy, making me seriously question the future Justice League movie.

As far as stories go, I personally prefer Spider-Man, due to how well the scenes were arranged and the overall diversity of it all. Batman isn’t quite as diverse, with most fights being on a dark rooftop late at night. Where the bat skyrockets is in its story telling and scene unfolding, the best example of this being The Dark Knight. That movie had some of the best moments of any movie ever, with the Joker’s twisted antics destroying the city of Gotham, all in a scarily realistic fashion. My favorite scene depicting this is the one with the two ships at the harbor, both at risk of blowing each other up. It chilled me to the bone how well orchestrated the Joker’s plots were, and I really hope that in The Dark Knight Rises Bane does stuff to an equally extreme degree.

Overall, I don’t know yet. Spider-Man exceeded my expectations to an unheard of degree, but the Batman movies haven’t failed me yet either. If you can only buy one ticket, realize that this is the end of Batman’s award winning trilogy and it’s a three hour movie, versus Spidey’s two hour series reboot. Get ready for July 20th when I get all the facts together for my final verdict!

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