Tomb Raider NYCC 2012 Demo Analysis

Alright, so to start off with the Comic-Con coverage, I should probably put in my two cents about the Tomb Raider reboot demo I played. First, check out my demo gameplay of it. Now, onto the analysis!

As I sort of expected, it’s a cinematic Uncharted. Not the good kind, either. Now, I know it’s just the demo but there was almost nothing to do other than jump, watch a cutscene, walk down a linear path, cutscene, jump again, etc.. It just wasn’t impressive.
As far as graphics go, they were nice but not enough to justify the horrendous lack of actual gameplay. I’m glad the majority of Square Enix titles and video games in general are starting to move away from the cinematic phase, but it definitely looks like Tomb Raider still might fall into that trap. Only time will tell, so stay tuned for future Tomb Raider coverage!

On a happier note, things only improve from here. So look forward to more NYCC analysis posts super soon!

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