Avengers: Battle for Earth NYCC 2012 Demo Analysis

A Kinect game that actually looks like it worked as advertised? Sorcery!

But all laughs and giggles aside, it’s not sorcery. I will give legitimate props to Avengers: BfE. It actually looked (as they had two specific people playing) fairly responsive on-screen in accordance with their movements, and that’s something you can’t fake with the Kinect when it’s live. Not only that, but the screen itself was a blast to watch. Hulk was flailing Venom around and Venom was doing all sorts of flashy whip attacks, and the entire thing was a visually enjoyable experience.

The real question is, is Avengers: Battle for Earth enough to sway me to buy a Kinect for a second time?… Only time will tell. So stay tuned for more great NYCC updates and analysis posts! And be sure to click here for some short (and live) gameplay footage!

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