Injustice: Gods Among Us NYCC 2012 Demo Analysis

From the creators of the squirm-inducing fighting game Mortal Kombat comes “Injustice: Gods Among Us”! As gory as MK? No. As fun? Seems that way.

The premise is pretty straight-forward: Lots of DC superheroes and villains, pitted against each other in a destructable playpen. The reimagined characters were the first big plus this game had going for it. The Harley Quinn redesign was cool (even if I still prefer the Batman: AA model), and the Batman definitely feels reminiscent of TDKR. 

Once these fantastic characters are in the ring, a whole ‘nother wave of DC nostalgia washes over you as you take on classic locales like the Bat Cave. These arenas have destructible terrain, so you can activate the Batmobile’s missile launchers remotely to attack your opponent, and stuff like that. It’s cool, and it definitely compliments the already superb combat system.

Want your dose of Green Arrow vs Catwoman in Injustice: Gods Among Us? Then click here!

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