Dishonored Tip Guide

A quick tip guide to help you in Dishonored:

Achievement Tip: “Hornet’s Nest” is a tricky achievement to get. Not hard, but tricky. You need level 2 Bend Time and a lot of crossbow bolts, but it can be done. The best place to do this, I found, is in the part of the Golden Cat mission (before you actually get to the Golden Cat) where there’s the first Wall of Light you encounter in-game. Climb on top of the train car inches in front of it, and wait until four enemies appear on-screen. Then, freeze time, auto-aim for the guards’ heads, and shoot at least two bolts at each. By that point time will have unfrozen itself, and four freshly killed bodies will drop to the ground simultaneously. Oh, and an achievement will pop.

***Ultimate Dishonored Easter Egg/Jack-ass Moment***: This isn’t necessarily an easter egg, but a really amusing thing that Arkane Studios slipped into the game. Alright, so right after the Kaldwin’s bridge mission, roam around the Hounds Pit Pub until you run across the bathing room. You’ll spot Pierro, your tech-guy, peeping on Callista, the maid who is taking a bath. He pleads to you not to tell her, and you can respond however you want. But after that, you can actually walk in to the bathroom, tell her about Pierro, and even flirt with her. It’s hilarious. But here’s the best part: If you hop into the tub with her (by crouching and vaulting yourself in) she’ll scream, hop out, and you’ll get a game over screen that reads something to the tune of “The loyalist conspiracy has been disbanded due to irreconcilable hostilities”. <—- Dishonored is now my GOTY.

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