Dishonored Tip Guide Part 2

Dishonored Tip Guide Part 2. For Part 1, click here.

Achievement Tip: To get “Speed of Darkness” for 10 gamerpoints, you’ll need the level 2 Bend Time upgrade. Once you have it, find a straight path at the Hound Pits Pub, freeze time, and run at max speed until time runs out. Throwing in blinks with this method will also work (to be on the safe side), and either way you can nab the achievement.

Gameplay Tip: After *SPOILER* mission 5 where you finish off the Lord Regent and end up in the flooded district, there’ll be these fat bulbous plant-things that shoot green muck at you. The only way I know to dispose of them is with well-thrown grenades (possibly springrazors too, but I haven’t tried those). Just a small gameplay tip if you’re wondering how to finish them off so you don’t have to worry about their annoying projectiles.

Gameplay Tip: Endless rat swarm isn’t a power, but it can be if you have Gamestop’s “Arkane Assassin” pre-order pack. To “unlock” endless rat swarm, equip the pre-order bone charm “gutter feast” and fully upgrade the rat swarm power. Then, whenever you choose to use rat swarm, be sure to eat all of the available white rats once the fight you summoned them for is over. This will almost always result in completely filled mana afterwards, allowing you to spam rat swarm.

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