Top 5 Reasons Assassin’s Creed 3 is the Worst Game Ever

Taking a page from Angry Joe’s (cool Youtuber) book, I’ve decided to go against the mainstream and point out five glaring reasons why this fall’s most anticipated game will suck.

Reason 5: PS3 exclusive content. The reason this is so low on my list is because it’s really not THAT big a deal, but it’s still a deal none the less. The Playstation is getting four extra missions for the exact same price tag as the Xbox version of AC3. Even Sony fans have to admit that’s pretty stupid, cutting a fraction of the game out for Xbox players even though they’re paying for supposedly the “same” product.

Reason 4: Multiplayer. It doesn’t look bad, far from it. But it looks like the same rinse and repeat formula that the previous two installments of the AC series had, only with a different backdrop.

Reason 3: Ubisoft online passes. Not only is Ubisoft going to nickle and dime you so that you play it on their console of choice, but your copy of the game must be new if you want to play the entire online portion of the game. I get this from a corporate standpoint, but you’re really turning off gamers who might buy it used, dislike the singleplayer (like me) and never purchase another AC game at launch.

Reason 2: Pre-Order DLC. This stuff needs to stop. I’m fine with nifty but non-essential pre-order DLC such as the kind included with Dishonored, but entire bonus levels and missions exclusively to people that pre-order? Give me a break. If I’m not in the mood to go to my local Gamestop early, but still end up going there and paying full retail price for the game, I don’t get a chunk of the product.

Reason 1: SEASON PASSES. Ubisoft has DLC flying out of their ass. Pre-order DLC, Online Pass DLC, PS3 DLC, and now DLC THAT SHOULD ALREADY BE IN THE GAME. Jesus Christ, this is my most hated kind of DLC. Not only has it been planned and made looooong before the game is even fully developed, but it gets set aside for those loyal and abused customers willing to pay $60 for the new game and then an EXTRA $30 FOR SOME LAME MULTIPLAYER MAPS! What the flaming Ubisoft! Is it THAT hard to include ALL of the content you  make for a game WITH the final product at launch? Abusing console exclusives and the stuff DLC made during development that you’re going to rip the customer off for later is NOT an okay tactic.

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