Review of “Skyfall”

Skyfall is THE movie to see right now, and with good reason. So without further ado, here’s the review:Skyfall_poster

The movie starts off with Bond getting shot off of a moving train over a bridge, resulting in his apparent death. Obviously, he survives and has to stop the bad guy threatening M16’s security. The plot goes a lot further than that, but I don’t want to get into spoiler talk.

Being a Bond film, there are bound to be a couple worn-to-death plot points and cliches, but Skyfall does a really good job at avoiding the “Oh my God that’s nonsense” moments through its impressive set pieces, dialogue and action, all perfectly combined to distract you from the occasional sense of blasé. It’s not common, but when it does occur the movie quickly pulls you out of it.

To be more in-depth, the set pieces are kick ass. Literally the best set pieces I’ve seen in a movie to date. They’re not over the top, they’re just so ridiculously dramatic and perfect in every way. James Bond jumping into a cut-open train car, landing without a scratch and adjusting his cufflinks is just too cool, and is the perfect kind of action that’s balanced between intense and not too far fetched to be unfeasible. That’s pretty much the entire movie, like a certain scene with a Komodo Dragon which I won’t spoil other than that it’s awesome. The set pieces used in the movie are instantly memorable, and easily earn their place under the title of James Bond classics.

The dialogue is top notch as well. Daniel Craig (Bond) and Naomi Harris (Eve Moneypenny) have ridiculous yet believable sexual tension, and that’s all because of how well the dialogue is delivered. Everything feels authentic, something every recent action movie has been lacking ’til now. Judi Dench did well for her seventh and final role as “M”, even if she felt a little… static, at times. Javier Bardem was, as he stated in an interview, “a memorable villain” for sure. Whether or not I liked him, I’m still unsure. But he was by far the most memorable villain of 2012. By far.

The action is James Bond action, to put it simply. Lots of intense wall-bashing, face-smashing and dramatic falls off of high objects. Good stuff. Not much more to say here.

Skyfall is definitely up there in terms of movies. It’s by far the best Bond movie I’ve seen, and is on the cusp of excellence in almost every cinematic category. Looking back, the movie actually grows on me the more I think about it. It was just so impressive in every respect, pushing “action flick” to new levels, taking Bond places the series has never gone before. Something about the movie doesn’t sit right with me, and I can’t actually tell what it is. Maybe it was the occasional sense of cliche`, maybe it was Javier Bardem, I can’t quite tell. But regardless of whatever that one thing is, I definitely recommend you go out and see this movie just to say you’ve experienced the highpoint of James Bond.

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