XCOM: Enemy Unknown Tip Guide

Not quite ready to do a full-blown XCOM review, but a tip guide is definitely in order. What important tips for this turn-based alien invasion simulation have I discovered, you ask? Read on to find out.468px-Situation

Gameplay tip: This applies throughout the entire game. If you have a guy who’s behind weak cover and you want to put him out in the open for a chance at finishing off an enemy, be sure to save first. Now, this might sound like a dummy tip, but it allows you to try different positions multiple times over until you finally get one that finishes off the alien. After all, there’s nothing more rage-inducing than when you forget to save and your only colonel-rank troop gets his head shot off during a wannabe bad-ass moment. It’s just not fun. Not one bit.

Gameplay tip: Build as many freakin’ satellite uplinks and satellites as you can, and do this early on. Initially you might see no reason to, but they are literally the only thing stopping you from losing the entire game after your second hour of play. So the minute you can start constructing buildings, those are what you need to build—and be smart about which countries you send the satellites to, as each has a different set of perks they’ll give you. I personally found Africa and South America to have the best perks, both of which granted large scientist/engineer bonuses.

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