Review of Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360

Since the world ended today, what better a game to review than one with worldwide pandemics and zombie apocalypses? My thoughts exactly. Now on to the review!resident-evil-6

Story: Chris Redfield returns from military retirement to run around like a jackass with big guns and an expendable partner. Leon S. Kennedy gets framed for murders and uncovers conspiracy. Jake Muller has a cool plot regarding a new virus that’s broken out and the hunt for his antibodies to it.

Sound: The music is eerie as sh*t. It’s something pulled straight out of a classic 1980’s horror movie, what with the psycho-keys and all those other shenanigans. There’s some pretty great orchestrated stuff mixed in their too, but nothing o-m-g inducing. The voice acting is great, and dramatic to a silly degree as it should be. The sound effects are well done, and the pop of a zombie head flying off its socket is seriously satisfying. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: The graphics are cutting edge, as far as third person shooters go. Everything is crisp and slick, and every texture has a nice glossy touch about it. The water animations in peticular are phenomenal, and overall Capcom should give themselves one big pat on the back for the overall prettiness of this package. Presentation: 9.5/10

Gameplay: People can move. While shooting. It’s f&%$ing insane.

But seriously, this stacks up pretty well against current third person shooters. The cover system, like many other reviewers have stated, is complete nonsense and isn’t worth using, but otherwise RE6 does a pretty above average job. The menu systems are great, allowing you to swap guns and herbs (health potions) in the blink of an eye, and the gameplay has a nice rhythm to it. Every so often there’ll be a quick-time event which feels surprisingly organic in this game, unlike others where it feels completely out of place. The best segments have to be the bits of Jake’s story where you get to drive vehicles, like motorcycles and snowmobiles. During those scenes, the adrenaline is pumping and the speed is on par with Sonic. It’s really cool, to put it bluntly. And there’s enough of these to really keep the mojo going when things seem to be taking a boring turn in the category of level design, which happens occasionally. Other than the absurd amount of firefights in this game, the level design, gameplay elements and gimmicks are really well done and provide a really hefty gaming experience, a nice change of pace from less intriguing TPS titles such as Mass Effect 3. Gameplay: 8.5/10resident_evil_6_51

Multiplayer: So much multiplayer, so few words to review it in. To kick off RE6’s multiplayer, there is the bad-ass co-op feature for EVERY campaign in the game (at the time of my reviewing this, a patch has been released that makes Ada’s campaign co-op). This feature is a blast and allows you to join either a friend’s game via XBL or a random person’s game. My only issues with the online gameplay are the amounts of lag at times and the fact that you need to join a person’s lobby from the start to get credit for completing a chapter.
The split-screen co-op feature is a nifty addition, but the kind of splitscreen Capcom went for pisses me off. It’s two mini-screens and a LOT of blank space on your TV, instead of a vertical line dividing the screen in two. So in other words, two people have to share min-screens the size of a PS Vita’s. It’s not horrendous if you have a big enough TV, but you get the idea.
Agent Hunt mode is freakin’ fantastic, allowing you to play as the zombies and creatures that tormented you during your playthrough of the campaigns. Not only can you ruin another player’s game, but you can make them rage quit AS THE INTENDED PURPOSE OF THE MODE. Capcom has had a few strokes of genius in their history, and allowing those of us who love to troll do it fairly in an entire game mode devoted to it is one of them.
Mercenaries is a fun horde-mode diversion, but getting a partner good enough to get an A rank with is a bit of a rarity. It’s all worth it though when you achieve that A rank and get Helena’s alternate cop costume… sooo worth it…
Multiplayer: 9.5/10

Length: The campaigns are seriously thick in terms of length, even if you’re just running through levels. Each chapter clocks up to about two hours, and there are twenty of these. That’s fourty hours for the story alone. Then, there’s the SERIOUSLY fun multiplayer modes that are good enough to keep me playing RE6 non-stop for hours, unlike some other games in this genre. Mass Effect 3 (and to be fair, Gears of War 3 too). Length: 10/10

Overall: This kick-ass survival horror action game gets a solid 9.3 zombie heads out of 10. I really don’t get why people hate on this game so much, it’s awesome. If you took out the title “Resident Evil” and swapped it with ANYTHING else people would drool over this game. It’s that good.

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