Review of “Nightmare in Northpoint” Sleeping Dogs DLC

Classic (-ly cheesy) horror film meets Sleeping Dogs. Sound kind of silly? That’s ’cause it is. But what makes this DLC so great is that it doesn’t take itself seriously, and takes pride in being an hour long zombie-punching romp in the park.images

The DLC’s story sees our hero Wei Shen getting out of a horror movie with his girlfriend, Not Ping. Then, Smiley Cat kidnaps her, Wei Shen gets magical glowing fists and the rest of the plot is pretty standard rescue-the-girl and kill-the-demon fare. What makes the plot so great is that it allows friends like Winston to come back from the dead and share some laughs with Wei yet again.

Plot aside, there’s only six main missions, none of which last more than ten minutes a piece. There’s the tedious side task of killing all of the extra zombies around town, but there’s no real incentive to do that, as killing zombies is annoying and you’d only get an achievement to show for your strife. The new enemies (all two of them) sort of fit that bill of annoying-yet-necessary to fight, so after speeding through the story missions you’re not likely to take a second look at Nightmare in Northpoint.

Do I recommend you get this DLC? If you can get it on sale for three bucks like I did, go for it. Hell, anything under five bucks is worth it just to see the return of Winston. But if you’re not a big fan of his character and are actually looking for hardcore Sleeping Dogs DLC, avoid Nightmare in Northpoint at all costs.

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