Review of Trials Evolution (Xbox Live Arcade)

You know how many times I’ve yelled JFC at my screen playing this game? To give you an idea, my vocabulary has evolved more than the Trials, if you get my drift. This game can literally give you high blood pressure, I’m sure of it.images

Trials Evolution takes the ridiculously unsafe fun of extreme motorsports and fuses it with controls more twitchy than Parkinsons itself, a combo that can be really fun and really frustrating… and occasionally both at the same time. There are hundreds of courses that revolve around sky-diving physics, bumpy terrain, backflips and all other sorts of shennanigans that BMX riders do. In an average course, there are dozens of checkpoints and the odds are you’ll use every one of them, as Trials Evolution is ball-bustingly hard. You will sit with the utmost concentration for minutes on end, doing death-defying flips and uphill zips without a single slip up, and you’ll feel like God. But then, then comes that one triple tire obstacle you just can’t maneuver over and *BAM* your perfect run is gone, and you have to restart at your nearest checkpoint. Grrr.

Trials Evolution sports three different modes to cry yourself to sleep over: Single player, multiplayer and custom track building. Single player is just that; a bunch of courses you play individually that span from beginner to extreme difficulty (spoiler alert: everything from medium upwards will damage you  mentally). Multiplayer is a pretty fun diversion, and allows for ghost racing and my personal favorite, realtime races with other players. They tend to make me feel better about my Trials skills. The last mode is track editor, which lets you build some freaking insane tracks and download those made by others. This is by far the most enjoyable part of the game, as users have created everything from Tron courses to the Endor battle from Star Wars, all in a nice Trials-ish format. It’s pretty crazy to say the least, and when single player becomes stale, there’ll always be a new user created track to try.

-HARD gameplay
-Simple to play yet impossible to master physics
-Great level designs
-Lengthy singleplayer content and track editor
-Decent online racing community
-Insane track editor tools
-User created tracks are insanely fun to try out

-HARD gameplay
-Sharp difficulty spikes to complete singleplayer levels
-Some noticeable lag online
-Track editor isn’t exactly user friendly

If you want a fun time, Trials Evolution isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you want a game you can REALLY sink your teeth into and invest some serious gaming in, Trials Evolution is right up your alley. For fifteen dollars, this game packs some serious bang for the buck, and is as addicting as it is frustrating.

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