Gamestop Rocks?

Yeah, that title alone and I’ve already lost most of my viewerbase.

Anyway, Gamestop normally does suck. You’ll have massive expendatures of sixty dollars per game (when you could be buying it new for forty on eBay), and when you try to trade it back in to them three days later it’s worth only twenty bucks. OR when you feel like getting rid of some of your older titles (Gears of War 3?) and they get you a fetching store credit price of three whole dollars. Needless to say, there is good reason for the hatred of Gamestop’s gaming monopoly.

Well, come yesterday, I noticed Gamestop had one of those tiered trade offers. I also happened to have a copy of Resident Evil 6 and Sleeping Dogs for trade, and Sleeping Dogs I only paid twenty for originally (don’t ask). So when I get there, with the trade offer, I rack up twenty five dollars. I also had a Poweruprewards card coupon worth five dollars. By the time I get to buying my two games, Bayonetta and Syndicate, I’ve racked up a total of thirty smackers in trade-in credit. Guess how much those two games cost me, when all was said and done? Thirty cents.

I walked away with a critically acclaimed game (Bayonetta) and a relatively recent FPS (Syndicate), all for less than the price of two gumballs.

If you have an extraordinary Gamestop tale you’d like to share in the comments, be sure to sound off below.

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