Review of Splinter Cell: Conviction for Xbox 360

This game isn’t a stealth game.imagesCAB4K1EN

Splinter Cell: Conviction has nothing to do with the Splinter Cell franchise, at all. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, it’s just not a stealth game like it’s advertised to be. You’ll dish out more bullets than a Terminator robot and take at least half of those bullets’ worth in damage. But that’s okay, because Sam Fisher is an assault tank with conviction.

Conviction is the story of Sam Fisher’s mission to rescue his daughter and help purify Third Echelon, which ultimately ends up with him destroying the entire secret government organization all together. If it sounds over the top, that’s because it is. Sam Fisher is the angry agent with ninja skills and an arsenal of firearms that could make Stewie Griffin jealous, and nothing stands in his way, even reality. The plot of this game is so ridiculously far-fetched that it’s not even funny, as Sam Fisher is supposed to be a stealthy and crafty man, not the Arnold Schwarzenegger of video games.

As far as the actual game goes, it’s fun as hell. The shadow/noir=stealth mechanic is really cool, as the game turns completely black and white when you’re hidden from enemies. This really helps you to identify whether enemies are aware of your presence or not, something a lot more games have trouble translating to the player. The platforming (or pipe scuttling, rather?) is done excellently, and is solid control-wise, for the most part. Occasionally, you’ll be trying to slide down on a pipe and the game will spaz out, but these instances aren’t very common. The gunplay is on par with any other third person shooter on the market, even today. There’s a wide variety of guns to use, even though some are clearly better than others. The entire experience feels like a fun and extremely polished third person shooter arcade title, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Environments are probably the highlight of the entire game. You’ll have shoot outs everywhere from the Lincoln Memorial to a carnival at night, which looks absolutely spectacular when coupled with the noir stealth effects. The only real flaw with the fantastic environments is how little you can actually interact with them.

There is a multiplayer component, but it doesn’t do much for the game. It’s a fun distraction but is just takes chunks of the singleplayer and throws more enemies at you and a partner. It’s nothing spectacular, but there are a few multiplayer exclusive co-op levels that are fun to dabble in.

-Fun shooting
-Cheesy platforming
-Sam Fisher is a TANK
-Radical environments
-Multiplayer aspects are fun

-Little stealth
-Feels more arcade than triple A release quality
-Story is ridiculous
-Multiplayer isn’t anything special after a few sessions

In conclusion, Splinter Cell: Conviction might be worth your time if you’re in the market for some fun, light-hearted third person shooting, or want a game similar to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. If you want a true stealth game like Hitman or massive triple A release like Assassin’s Creed, ignore Conviction at all costs.

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