My Take on the PS4 Sony Conference (Live)

At the time of my writing this brief take on the conference, it’s still going on, as it is only 6 P.M EST. So, without further ado, let’s dissect this conference!

Currently, we’re learning about a next-gen game called Knack, which looks hideious and is being announced by some idiot who oozes an obviously fake attitude of positivity. He keeps stressing how the PS4’s apps will help with “connectivity” and using the system like a flipping cellphone. ‘Cause yeah, it’s not like someone’s just gonna use their CELLPHONE to do all that, no no no no! They need to turn on their PS4 to do that simple of a task!

A brief but further analysis of Knack leads me to believe that the only possible improvement the PS4 has over current gen consoles won’t be that great either, that improvement being the graphics department. It doesn’t look very impressive at all, and I’ve seen some low-end PC games that make this game look like 2004 CGI. Granted, the game is cartoony, so let’s investigate the Unreal Engine 4 demo video: A giant fire and ice demon duke it out or some sh*t, while the player can gently shift the camera in real time. The cutscene DID look gorgeous, but really? That’s not enough to warrant a new console, being able to shake a cutscene a little (or gameplay elements to that degree).

Needless to say, the presentation is so far extremely disappointing. I’m actually sorry to report that, as I was hoping this new gen was my chance to jump from Microsoft to Sony products… but clearly, Sony has the wrong idea as to what gamers want in this new gen. We don’t want the best services in cyber-stalking our friends, we don’t want a flipping touchscreen on our already crammed controller layout, and we sure as hell don’t want to pay $400 for a minor increase in console graphics. What we, as gamers want, is a system that takes what we already love about games and increases it tenfold. EXTREME graphical improvements, not this “look at the cute cutscene of the Unreal Engine 4 and cartoony graphics of Knack”, we want stuff like Star Wars 1313 or BETTER. We want games that can do more, like Skyrim on crack.

In conclusion, we, the core gaming demographic, won’t want the PS4.

UPDATE (6:50 EST): They’re showing off the new Killzone, Shadow Fall, and I’m slightly more impressed. It looks slick, and the actual gameplay is definitely on par with any current gen console cutscenes from a technical standpoint. I’m liking it. Games like Crysis 3 still give this brief glimpse at Killzone Shadow Fall some stiff competition, but I definitely see an improvement over current graphics. The grass is looking greener for Sony, all of a sudden.

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