Best Commenter Ever on Kotaku

Today in my haste to figure out whether to purchase Devil May Cry or Crysis 3, I discovered a fantastic review on Kotaku. Not only was the review itself of DMC fantastic, but so was a comment by a user named “Yankton”. Click here if you want to see the comment firsthand on, it’s at the very bottom of the page, lefthand corner. Or, stay tuned as I quote it:

“I am the Devil Nephal, Apostate and feeder upon game hobbyists impotent anger. It is I who set the wheels in motion of a Devil May Cry reboot -lo, a thousand years before the birth of the Nazarene. My seed has borne fruit and I grow fat upon the red rage I suck like nectar through the internet tubes. Now sated, I go to slumber for an age. Only to awaken to reap the cruel harvest of my Pong reboot, the original of which will inexplicably find renewed popularity in the early 30th century.” -Yankton

All giggles aside, I ended up getting Crysis 3. A review will be coming in the near future.

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