Review of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for Xbox 360

In a world where cybernetics are more common than good dialogue and kidnapping presidents is casual friday, only one man stands for what’s right: Boris. Yeah, you thought I was gonna say Raiden, didn’t you! Well you’re wrong! Raiden is a wacko serial killer!images

The story of MGRR is plain and simple: Kill the guys harvesting orphans’ brains. Alongside this quest is Raiden’s personal journey to becoming the ultimate sociopath, as he will undergo the revelation that killing everyone in your way is the best way to reach the results you want. That’s my second biggest gripe with MGRR; the story and everything associated with it is absolutely absurd. Not only are Raiden’s emotions and dialogue silly and nonsensical, but so is the plot. MASSIVE SPOILER: You verse the hulk at the end, and it’s not even tense. It’s just cartoon-y! He absorbs, like, robotic vines and steroids up within seconds. And here I thought the Metal Gear franchise always tried to be semi-realistic.

Aside from that, there’s only one other major gripe I have with the game: Its gameplay is too linear and it tries to feign stealth to appeal to the diehard MGS fans. The gameplay is simply go from point A to point B while slashing up a trillion enemies, but the game won’t even let it go at that. It says go from A to B “in a stealthy manner” which in reality means try and sneak around for half a second, then everyone up once you get spotted due to the lack of proper stealth mechanics. These are really glaring issues that appear every second of the game that you’re not busy fighting droves of enemies in.

As far as the actual combat goes, it’s fantastic. At first it feels like Bayonetta in terms of combos and slashing physics, but quickly turns into something all its own with the blade mode mechanic. It puts you into slow-mo while you mercilessly carve up an enemy into literally hundreds of little slices, a deliciously morbid way of dispatching foes. That, combined with the depth of the actual sword mechanics and the inclusion of alternate weapons that you unlock throughout the game leads to a relatively fun, yet ultimately mindless, gameplay experience.

Overall, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a solid hack ‘n slash title. It’s got higher production values than most beat ’em ups on the market, and it stars a character from a franchise we love. What it lacks in actual polish and longevity it makes up for in over-the-top action and mindless fun. While definitely the weakest title I’ve experienced yet from Platinum Games, it’s still a heck of a good time as a weekend rental.

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