Review of “The Lorax”

Ever look around your neighborhood, and see how much of it is artificial and fake? Yeah, that’s ’cause we all live in Thneedville.lorax-protects-dr-seuss-environment-o8130ogo-x-large

Really though, this movie is stupendous. It speaks wonders for all of the messed up things in our society right now, while also providing a REALLY good animated film. I don’t care if the movie isn’t fresh out of theatres, that doesn’t change the fact that you should go see it right this instant. Go to a 24 hour Blockbuster and get a copy of this right now. Not even kidding.

The Lorax was originally an illustrated picture book by Dr. Seuss, which left some big shoes to fill for Illumination Entertainment. But my God, did they ever deliver. I’ve never seen Despicable Me, but I can only assume it’s amazing based off of how good this movie was. The Lorax is centered around a wannabe business man and his quest to earn money by exploiting nature’s gifts. Well, he starts doing this, and the Lorax, the nature spirit, comes down and teaches him a lesson. Well, later this man (The Once-ler) makes the same mistake, just on a much larger scale. He destroys every Trufula tree in all of the forest, forcing the animals and the Lorax to move away. Just as the Lorax predicted, the Once-ler would soon regret these actions and live out the rest of his days in shame and obscurity while his successful business spawns a city, an oppressive business owner/dictator and a citizenry that doesn’t want anything to do with organic products. Without spoilers, a little kid named Ted with the hots for a girl comes along and tries to right the Once-ler’s wrongs, and you can guess the outcome, since this is a kid’s movie.

The movie itself had amazing source material, so the characters are instantly amazing. As is the plot, which adds upon what Seuss already created. The voice acting for the animated characters is fantastic, as the movie gets talent from cinematic regulars like Zac Efron, Danny DeVito, Taylor Swift, and even freaking Betty White. I think what really makes this movie stand out from the generic instant-classic animated film that comes out of Pixar every year is that this movie has three unique variables that no other animated film does: A perfect combination of music, Seuss characters and a message that is strong enough to touch you but not enough to become imposing. The music is ridiculously catchy, as odd as that may sound when talking about an animated Seuss cartoon. Secondly, the Seuss characters are amazing, no need to explain there; the guy’s a genius. Plain and Simple. But lastly, the message this movie presents really leaves an impact on the viewer. You watch it, and you start to think “God, we need to start caring about the world more, and we can if we try!”. I tried to do something like that two years ago when I decided to become a vegetarian, and continue to this day. But I constantly look around me and see people just abusing the heck out of the wonders the earth gives them, and this movie perfectly illustrates my plight. The animals, the resources, we need to treasure this stuff! Not commercialize it, exploit it and ultimately destroy it with our factories, artificial products and damaging inventions! When people berate gamers like me for loving video games, I throw back at them the fact that it’s a good source of escapism from the horrible polluted reality they’ve created for us to live in. And suddenly video games don’t look so bad. That might sound a little off-topic, but it’s all part of the movie’s message: If you don’t live a life that is healthy and greatful to the earth you’re not living a life at all, you’re living a parasitic leeching of the planet.

Overall, I loved the Lorax. Without going into too much detail, I’m in a bit of a Dr. Seuss phase right now, and this happened to come across my path, and I’m sure as hell glad it did. It opened my eyes as to how the message of tree-hugging can be spread: Through an amazing movie like this. It gives me hope that people will stop living in their own little artificial lives and start to recognize we can only help the planet and its inhabitants together. It’s just a wonderful film with a wonderful message. Go out and see it.

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