Dead Space 3 Tip Guide

Haven’t made one of these in a while.


Tool Bench Tip: Have some excess circuits that you’re not planning on using for your weapons? Well, you can sell those circuits for stuff like scrap metal and transconductors, which are essential in making a good rig or gun attachment. This might not seem too important early on, but pawning off your spare circuits every so often is what’ll get you a fully upgraded rig by the end of the campaign. On a side note, really try to scavenge those aforementioned transconductors, as they’re a high-demand low-quantity resource (pro tip for rig building).

Achievement Tip: “There’s Always Peng”
You can get this achievement in Chapter 14’s side mission where you explore some derelict barracks. When you go through said barracks, you’ll come across a set of pistons that you need to stasis and then run through. When you exit the first piston tube you come across, turn around and look at the slits the piston is coming out of. There, you’ll see a minuscule statuette that you need to stasis-levitate towards you. Once you’ve done that, pick it up and BAM! There’s Always Peng.

Glitch tip: I’m not sure if you can force this glitch to occur, but I feel like it’s probable. In a certain chapter you have to build a story-specific probing gun to collect data from within a giant monster. Once you collect all the parts for said gun, find a bench that’s not directly en route to the objective. Then, put the gun in your secondary weapon slot. If you save and quit right after you’ve done this, the game will save the weapon you built. When you reload your game, you’ll have the gun but also retain the parts to make a duplicate. Do that, then continue the mission ’til you’re inside the beast and about to collect data. Once you get in there, you’ll notice no story dialogue activates and a lot of textures are missing. Congrats, you’ve officially lead the game to believe you never successfully built the gun and thus skipped the transition between chapters. This will ultimately result in you having to reload your previous checkpoint, but it’s fun for the giggles.

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