C2E2 2013 Retrospective

Having arrived back from my Friday at C2E2, it’s only fitting for me to cover what I saw and experienced there. Whether it was related or not to video games, I will try and mention every major thing I was a part of at C2E2.imagesCAXC0Q28

The showfloor is the most obvious “event” worth mentioning, and there was a heck of a lot to show. The floor was huge, and there were hundreds of booths filled to the brim with comics, t-shirts and collector quality action figures and statues. Only Capcom was present as far as gaming related booths go, and they were only offering demos of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I played both versions, Wii U and 3DS, and wasn’t amazed by either, although the 3DS’s visuals were pretty on the eyes. I’m sad there wasn’t a demo of their upcoming game “Remember Me”, as this would’ve been the perfect event to launch it.

Marvel was present, hosting a HUGE Iron Man 3 poster (the one with Tony in his beat-up armor in the ocean with a bunch of other Iron Man suits flying in the background) and not much else, which is pretty surprising. Barebones would be an understatement, especially given all of the Marvel related stuff coming out this year. Come to think of it, DC didn’t even have a booth… hmmm…

The real Hunger Games costumes were present and part of some charity auction, which was cool. The real car from Speed Racer was there, but that’s all there was as far as authentic movie items go.

Lots of independents were present, hosting booths with their homemade artwork, posters and pop culture memorabilia. It was all well and good, but the real action was at this one small booth selling a Sonic the Hedgehog Monopoly set, new in shrink wrap. You can guess what my favorite purchase of C2E2 was.

That’s a pretty decent summarization of what was going on at the showfloor, but there was much more to be done at C2E2 2013. The panels were pretty solid, even if there weren’t a lot of them. I attended ones on The Walking Dead (I don’t care for the show much, but I did enjoy seeing Tyreese in person), the DC Universe and Marvel Entertainment, and all the DC panels came with cool goodies. What I heard from the DC panels was particularly noteworthy, as they hinted at there being entire games (and movies) centered around characters other than Batman in the not-so-distant future. I can only hope the Flash gets his own game, one that beautifully fuses the speed of Sonic with the action of Batman; what a game that would be. Also, in pressing DC news, fans of the 60’s Batman show starring Adam West can get excited that a new line of cheesy comics based off the cheesy show are coming soon, titled Batman ’66.

There were some fun interactive events, like making your own state-themed U.S.A. superhero, mine being an animal-morphing Louisianian. Like the panels, I wished there were more of these types of events, but what was there was solid.

Comics were definitely the focus of C2E2, so if you thought you missed out on any gaming or cinematic news, don’t worry. Fans of comics can rejoice that unlike New York and San Diego, Chicago is keeping the focus on the comic part of Comiccon.

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