Evil is Spelled “Nintendo” Update 5/17/13

You know why sales for the Wii U have been remarkably low since its release? Because Nintendo pulls shit like it did today.

With the new Xbox Infinity and PS4 nearing release, the previously obsolete Wii U is becoming even MORE outdated. Hard to believe, I know. But heck, it’s Nintendo, the company who gave me childhood memories, so why not shell out a little cash to support an old friend, right?

Reason #1) As of today, with no resolution in sight, they’ve been taking down Youtube Let’s Plays and awarding copyright strikes like jackasses. All of these wonderful Youtubers giving Nintendo FREE COVERAGE AND EXPOSURE are getting their f*cking accounts taken down for no reason whatsoever, only because Nintendo feels like it needs to be the nazis of internet video game playthroughs.

Reason #2) No one wants the godamn game pad! No one wants an outdated system! No one wants a Nintendo product that has both of the previous components! Gimmicks are one thing, weak specs are another, but when a console has both, it’s hopeless. When EA and Avalanche Studios both call out the Wii U for being an unusable system with no financial potential, Nintendo should try listening.

Reason #3) This is more of a rant for SEGA, those blue hedgehog housing f*ckers. So, Nintendo practically put them out of business a while back, so what does SEGA do now? Make the next three Sonic the Hedgehog games EXCLUSIVE to Nintendo’s financially failing console. Genius move, guys. The Wii was a cash cow for SEGA, but since not even Wii owners have upgraded (if you want to call it that…) to a Wii U, why bother making Sonic an exclusive? I’m not going to buy a Wii U just for Sonic, far from it! Now I’m just going to have to say farewell to one of my favorite franchises! This is evil on both parties’ parts! This is ass!

Needless to say, I’m pretty riled up. I laugh at the thugs housing a Wii U with fake pride, and look forward to the REAL next generation console news coming later this year at E3. Because say what you will about Sony and Microsoft, but they’ve never gotten this much bad press AND pulled this kind of shit all at one time before.

2 thoughts on “Evil is Spelled “Nintendo” Update 5/17/13”

  1. what gets me is no one brings up the bayonetta bull shit. nintindo bought the rights to platinum games and making bayonetta 2 exclusive to WiiU. its like pay back for making baynetta for the ps3 and xbox only. I dont care if bayonetta 2 would never have been made I would rather see the series die than let those douches monopolize video gameing. this makes the third game series I liked that they are trying to make exclusive. first was resident evil, then xenosaga, then sonic, and now bauonetta. I would be happy is nintindo went out of business tomorrow.

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