Review of “Man of Steel”

Man of Steel is disappointing. There, I said it. The plot’s thin, the dialogue’s thinner, and the character development is thinnest. The CGI looks fake and blatantly digital, and my faith in DC’s movie department has been dangerously shaken.2840438-bg

Man of Steel is Superman’s origin story. Jor-El (Russell Crowe) sends Kal-El (Supes, Henry Cavill) off to live amongst the safety of the humans as their home planet of Krypton is destroyed. Kal later sets off a chain of events that triggers General Zod’s (Michael Shannon) arrival at earth, and his plan to turn it into Krypton 2.0. Thus, we have our conflict and Superman movie!

The plot alone is pretty bare-bones, being just a half-assed excuse to throw in as many fight scenes as possible, with little or no thought between battles. The battles themselves are pretty blase as well, consisting of a shaky camera, a lot of lightning fast punches and then a lot of people dying in the most boring of fashions.

Other than Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) and Henry Cavill, no one was remotely good in this movie. I’ll cut Amy Adams (Lois Lane) some slack, as the dialogue she had to work with was borderline atrocious, but no one else gets sympathy. Michael Shannon was miscast as General Zod, as he rarely ever shows any kind of intensity or fervor for his cause, something a general should have a lot of. Even Laurence Fishburne (Parry White) blew it, sounding and looking completely bored with the alien invasion from start to finish. As was mentioned before, Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe brought their A game and it shows, but that’s not enough to float this Man of Steel boat.

The effects are cheesy, but I feel like that is only because the rest of the story was illustrated so poorly that you can’t help but feel the whole movie is some bad cartoon. If the rest of the presentation had been better, buying into the CGI would’ve been a lot easier.

Honestly, the last ten minutes of the film (the very final fight and the nice wrap-up) are the only redeeming moments that Man of Steel has to offer, plus the amazing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. This is a movie that screams matinee price, at best. Or, if you’re not into Superman that much, wait ’til it’s at your local library. Hopefully the sequel is better, as it seems like the ending sets up limitless possibilities for improvement. But as of right now, Superman just isn’t relevant in today’s society anymore, and Man of Steel proves it.

3 thoughts on “Review of “Man of Steel””

  1. To be honest, a part of me knew the movie was going to fail. I love Christopher Nolan, but he’s just not suited to the light-hearted and optimistic tone that Superman comes with. Plus, Superman’s just not a relatable character. He’s far too powerful to sympathize with. A friend told me that sometimes comic books get the character right, like one that had him portrayed similar to Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, but I don’t read the comic books so I wouldn’t know. Unfortunately, My mom loves Superman, so I don’t think I could talk her out of going.

  2. “I agree the movie has a heavy reliance on special effects, but in order for it to be an honest to god Superman movie…it would need to be…”

    Since when do special effects take precedence over plot, character and emotion? That’s what makes a Superman movie, or any movie for that matter, work. My expectations were only to watch a quality movie and I got a soulless Hollywood product more concerned with explosions and advertising that telling a coherent story.

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