Gamerrob Update 7/5/13

Happy day after 4th of July, for all of my American followers. This’ll just be a quick update for everyone so you all (all five of you who actually read my content :P) know what’s coming up:

Lots of game reviews. Remember Me, Gotham City Impostors, Alan Wake, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (and Far Cry 3 itself) and some other bits and bobbles. Game related content like next gen console discussions and updates will also be present.

Summer movie season is in full swing as well, and there will be a review of Despicable Me 2 and possibly the Lone Ranger/Pacific Rim coming soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately everyone, being swamped with activities isn’t as fun as it sounds. But these coming months will be big as far as games are concerned, so get pumped.

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