Review of Pacific Rim: The Video Game for Xbox 360

Buying a movie tie-in game is kind of like eating a large clump of cow manure. 99% of the time, you’ll want to vomit, but that other 1% you’ll end up eating some essential nutrients and come out of the experience better for it. Pacific Rim is not that 1%.91

Pacific Rim isn’t the worst movie tie-in game of all time, far from it. It just sticks with too many annoying tie-in tropes to be worth your time. Micro transactions? Check. Half of the game’s content sanctioned off to DLC? Check. Can’t customize the color of your f*cking character unless you pay three bucks? Check. Oh, and it just so happens that the three DLC characters are unbalanced and completely wreck the game in the DLC buyer’s favor. Keep in mind, this game is by Yuke’s Media Creations, the same neo-nazi developers responsible for Real Steel’s movie adaptation, so these tactics aren’t new.

With all of that said, if you’re a sucker for giant robot fighting video games and are content with two maps and five characters, the base game might just be worth it to you. The gameplay isn’t perfect, but has a satisfying feeling to it with lots of the heft that you’d expect from giant robot fights. The attacks, dodging mechanics and super moves all flow well together, and if you’re playing against the computer, the game is pretty great. When you play online against humans, however, you’ll notice the “ranked match” system sucks complete ass and pits you against people who’ve won thirty seven thousand matches and who’ve poured thirty five dollars worth of DLC into this game, giving them the ability to destroy you in one button press. It’s not fun. If you manage to find someone who’s as good as you and wasn’t enough of an asshole to buy the DLC, you can have a pretty good time. There’s also local multiplayer, and that’s always a fun and balanced time.

-Solid fighting mechanics, hefty physics
-The characters that are included are bad-ass
-Online AND offline multiplayer
-Character customization

-Yuke’s Media Creations made this
-Literally 60% of the game’s content (custom character paint jobs, levels, characters, experience point boosts) is locked behind a DLC wall
-Online multiplayer matchmaking is extremely unbalanced and has a horrible match-up determination system

In conclusion, if you just NEEEED your fix of giant robot fighting and are okay with having a disadvantage with just the base game, this is the arcade title for you. If you’re an asshole who wants to put fifty bucks into this game for all the DLC, this is the arcade title for you. If you don’t want your wallet raped for content that should already be in the game, this is NOT the arcade title for you.

4 thoughts on “Review of Pacific Rim: The Video Game for Xbox 360”

    1. I don’t know where you’re buying it from, but on the downloadable content menu it comes out to 240 microsoft points, which is equivalent to approximately three dollars.

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