Watch Dogs Supposed Current Gen Graphics Discussion (Internet Trolls Incoming)

I’ll say this right now, I see absolutely no need whatsoever for a new generation of consoles. That is the reason I plan on waiting a few months before contemplating whether or not my gaming budget constitutes a PS4 purchase or not, but even then, the allure of prettier pictures and slightly smarter AI isn’t all that strong.

So, within the past 48 hours or so, some supposed Watch Dogs current gen footage cropped up (in the form of an Aisha Tyler trailer), and instantly the internet was set ablaze with raging nerds and Sony fanboys with 20Gigabyte e-penises gloating about how next gen is #winning and current gen gamers are getting digitally fucked up the ass. Now, considering the project was started on current gen technology up until halfway through its development, I find the fact that Xbox/PS3 Watch Dogs seemingly sucks visual balls hard to believe.

I couple this with the fact that the creative director of Watch Dogs, Jonathan Morin, openly said in a Tweet: “Current Gen looks better than this…”. Yet, his tweet was deleted, by request of Ubisoft no doubt. This leads me to believe that Morin is telling the truth, but Ubisoft doesn’t want to be held responsible for graphics failing to arouse aforementioned fanboys’ e-penises.

Ubisoft has yet to comment on anything, and Morin says it’s a botched, low quality tech trailer, which means the whole trailer was probably running off of a poorly orchestrated and extremely low settings PC demo. Still, fear abides.

What are your opinions on the Watch Dogs debacle? Do you think this was legit footage of current gen, or do you believe Morin, the man behind all of Watch Dogs, when he says this isn’t a good representation of current gen quality? I’d like to believe Morin, obviously, but Ubisoft has pulled bad stuff before and I wouldn’t put it past them now.

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