The Simpleton Mind of Non-Gamers

You know those people who, when they hear talk of video games, instantly blurt “what a waste of time” or “Call of Duty isn’t a hobby”? Well, I’ve recently had to deal with quite a few of these people and it bums me out, because their tunnel-vision mindset of gaming as an industry is so ludicrously uninformed and ignorant that it’s quite literally painful to hear.

Gaming Rumor Disproved #1.) Video Games aren’t just Call of Duty and Minecraft, to all those who don’t understand that there are finer, more cultured gaming experiences out there such as The Last Of Us and Deus Ex: HR. These two titles alone single-handedly justify gaming as an art form, and fuck anyone who says otherwise. Yes, if you’re someone from the general public who judges entire mediums based off of the one mainstream thing in the news, then declaring Call of Duty the only game in history seems fair enough. But if you open your eyes just a teensy bit, you’ll realize that hundreds of sophisticated, well-written and generally epic games exist.

Gaming Rumor Disproved #2.) Video Games are NOT a waste of time, as a general rule. Yes, if you play Call of Duty day-in day-out, you probably are wasting quite a bit of time, but like I said, not all games are COD. Experiencing deep and sophisticated games like The Last Of Us are just as much a waste of time as seeing the Mona Lisa in person, or listening to Yo-Yo Ma live. By that, I mean that they’re completely the opposite of a waste of time. Just like with great books and movie series, it’s completely okay to binge-play a game of great quality for a little bit. Even if they’re a little less “deep” games, like Kingdom Hearts, they’re still damn good times that are just as useful for the individual playing as reading a good book or seeing a good movie.

Gaming Rumor Disproved #3.) Games are not harmful to human health, even when played in abundance. It’s been scientifically proven that not only do games not cause violence in people (humans are violent creatures at their core, let’s not forget), but they’ve also been proven to be effective in fighting depression. Lots of people would either be doing drugs or drinking if it weren’t for the recreational activity of gaming (the same goes for any sport or hobby).

Gaming Rumor Disproved #4.) Here’s the big one: Video Games don’t kill people, people kill people. They don’t encourage violence, they allow you to instead vent your violent tendencies in a safe, unrealistic environment (besides, no one gives horror movies such as The Purge shit for amusing viewers with brutal violence). If you’re an irresponsible parent looking to blame games for your kid doing something insane, look in a mirror first. Same goes for the media, who can’t explain why the public does bad things; instead, they instantly jump to the conclusion that if gaming is even in a person’s history, it’s instantly a link to the problem at hand.

I hope this article gets out to those close-minded people who I’d refer to as the “Gaming is COD and a waste of time” crowd. It’d be nice if that crowd educated themselves before looking like idiots on news stories and TV, and it would allow a lot of gamers to breathe easier about their favorite medium’s security.

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