Batman Arkham Origins DOA (Warner Bros. Greed Rage Ahead)

What two games did I bother to pre-order this summer? Watch Dogs and Arkham Origins. Not GTA V, not Splinter Cell, not Rayman Legends, none of it. Just WD and Batman.

Looks like it might just be Watch Dogs after Warner Bros.’ nonsense earlier today.

Completely official statement from Warner Bros.: “Hi guys, we were just thinking of ways to f*ck over the consumer more, so we decided that a twenty dollar season pass will be available to unlock a PREQUEL DLC STORY TO A $60 PREQUEL GAME… and fifteen+ Batman skins no one cares about. Oh, and the main campaign and all core side missions in the base game should only take about twelve hours to complete so you should definitely think about paying even more for that prequel prequel DLC.”

No! That’s not okay, you guys! I’m this close to cutting off my pre-order because I can live without Deathstroke DLC as long as it means these chumps aren’t getting my change.

Seriously, EA thinks they’re like the Jesus Christ of gaming all because they got rid of online passes, but in reality that just means they want to screw us over in more creative ways. Ugh.

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