Gamerrob’s Top 3 Worst Xbox 360 Games of 2013

While there were a lot of mediocre games this year, very few were definitive stinkers. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any, however. Some were so putrid and horrible that playing them was like sticking a toothpick in your toe and kicking a wall… for all ten toes. So, without further a do, here are the three games that should be burned at the stake!

3.) FuseFuse-Box-Art

This is easily the weakest of the worst games, as it has a certain level of polish and works perfectly well. The issue lies in the fact that it is easily the most generic third person shooter of the year. The campaign is linear and unexciting, the weapons don’t have anything unique to offer and it feels like a lightweight Gears of War rip-off right from the start. I had more fun with Aliens: Colonial Marines than this. Stick to purple dragons, Insomniac.

2.) Defianceimages

This looked like it was going to be the one TV/movie-to-game tie-in that would be good, what with its supposed three year development cycle, the promise of free seasonal DLC and cross-play with the TV series it was following. Not to mention it was going to be the Xbox 360’s first major MMO. Well, almost all of that fell flat on its face, primarily with weak servers that were rarely ever up and when they were they would crash like a teenager on a quart of Gatorade driving along the Rocky Mountains. Not to mention the core game was pretty sh*tty as well, lacking anything special, similar to Fuse.

1.) Star TrekimagesCA0GNO5G

THE BIGGEST STINKER OF THEM ALL! Pretty on the eyes, painful on the thumbs. This repetitive, linear adventure lacks literally ANY imagination, ANY creativity, ANY quality game design, and ANY play value. It’s literally a very pretty cartoon with a couple of button prompts, with amazing voice acting from the movie’s actors. But let us not forget, in a video game, you’re supposed to have fun while PLAYING it. Set phasers to the video game equivalent of syphilis.

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